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“Whether the water, smoke or fire emergency is large or small, we will do everything humanly possible to help restore people’s lives and homes and businesses to normal. We know that doing the best technical job is expected. What we do is understand the emotional needs of those involved and deliver a remarkable customer service experience.”

What is a MasterMoment?

  • Those that are orchestrated and designed to provide Peace of Mind. (These are the actions that are most commonly referenced when the term MasterMoments is being used or promoted)
  • Additional actions that your franchise performs to give customers Peace of Mind.

Why are MasterMoments Important?

Consider the importance of getting one’s life back to normal after an emergency. The experiences a customer has when working with a disaster restoration company takes on even greater meaning. Doing things right when they matter most, from our initial contact with the customer until the completion of the job, is what MasterMoments are designed to enforce.

Getting to a point where our customer feel a bond with us, rely on us for peace of mind and reward us with lifelong loyalty will take time. Our entire organization will need to be turned to the needs of our customers. This includes every franchise, every employee and every member of the home and regional office staffs.

As a franchise, you have the most frequent contacts with customers. These contacts are key to creating the positive experiences that will satisfy customers’ needs. Communication to these customers must be consistent- from the way a customer is greeted on the phone to the way he or she is treated once you are on the site. All of these contacts build on the emotional connection we seek for our customers.

The MasterMoments initiative was created to communicate the brand promise to customers both through action and emotions. They were designed by a team of home office and franchise representatives to create positive experiences every day and at every consumer touch point. These moments help us deliver Peace of Mind to all our customers, including the policyholders, the agent and the claim representative

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