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Green For™ Residential FAQs

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Q: Are the green cleaning products as effective as current cleaning products in the line?

A: Yes, for most jobs the green products are quite close to the performance of traditional products.

However, there will always be circumstances where one product will work better than another.

Q: Are the dumping requirements the same? Can all green products in the line be drained into a sanitary sewer? What if there is no opportunity to do this, i.e. is there an accepted/ safe alternative?

A: The only acceptable method of disposing dirty water from cleaning operations is a sanitary sewer or septic field. This is true irrespective of the type of detergent used in the cleaning. The dirt in the water is reason enough to dispose properly.

Q: Will it kill exotic birds/pets?

A: While we are not medical practitioners or veterinary specialists and cannot be certain of the effects on animals – or people or plants, the benefit of this product line is that the labels have full disclosure of content (i.e. each ingredient is listed on the label and is easily identifiable). Using this information, and the Material Safety Data Sheet, a concerned customer could consult with a medical specialist and get their opinion. The specialist is welcome to call Tech Support if additional information is required.

Q: What products can we use in conjunction with the green products?

A: To maintain a strictly green program, one must use only green certified products. If the customer wants services that use non-green products, we can supply them. For example, some customers insist on fragrances and some do not want any fragrance. Green products do not contain fragrances, but we have air freshener products available for use if needed.

Q: What types of things should we do in our business to ensure consistency with green practices?

A: The list could be very long but some keys: proper training of technicians, proper dilution [to minimize waste], proper application of product, recycling empty containers, proper disposal of waste water.

Q: How can I address the no odor issue for customers that expect it?

A: We mentioned this at part of the answer to #4. In many cases this involves setting customer expectation. The customer might not be aware that green products are fragrance free and will accept no fragrance for the sake of improved indoor air quality. If the customer desires fragrance, irrespective of green considerations, then we can provide the same.

Q: Is there a dwell time when using the green products? If so, how long?

A: Green product dwell time is the same as for traditional products.

Q: Will the product make the customer only smell a “wet house”?

A: Since green products are fragrance free, there will be no residual odor. The term “wet house odor” is quite appropriate, however, since this often results from soils that were not fully extracted from the carpet but which are now damp. If cleaning is thorough, this residual odor will be minimized. Use of drying equipment to speed drying will also minimize this odor.

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