quality work


“I came home late on a Friday afternoon, to EWEB trucks parked in my drive and all around my house. A water main had broken and they were digging it up and fixing it. They gave me the number for ServiceMaster Restore, although I didn’t think I’d need it. Everything looked normal outside, but when I opened the door “slosh slosh” went my shoes on the floor! I called ServiceMaster and they immediately came out. They worked late into the evening pulling up the wet carpet and setting up the fans. They came back Monday morning and moved my books and bookcases. Using special meters they found the water damage in the walls, so as to remove it all. It was clear they really knew what they were doing. The older guy, John, he was amazing, whistled while he was working, and got more done than most could. The wall was so expertly repaired, and he matched the paint so I can’t tell what was old paint and what’s new paint.

You never want to have a disaster happen to you, and when it does you’re not even sure what all needs to be done. ServiceMaster knew exactly what needed to be done to make things new again. Most of all, they won me over with their knowledge and quality of work.”